Weight Lifting Lever Belt

Weight Lifting Belt

The RAD Weight Lifting Belts are designed to help brace your lower back during strength training exercises like deadlifts and squats. It also helps encourage proper form and lifting techniques. 

What is the purpose of a Weight lifting belt?

Weight lifting belt, also known as Lifting Belts or Gym Belts, are Important gear for weightlifters. These Weightlifting Belts provide support during heavy lifting to help protect the lower back and core muscles.

These belts are commonly made from tough stuff like leather, suede, or nylon to hold you in place.

These belts are worn around the waist when lifting heavy weights.

When you lift heavy weights, these belt helps keep your back safe from injury by giving it extra support.

Lifting belts benefit heavy compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses.

Some studies have shown that weight lifting belts can help you lift more.

Start with a 10mm Weightlifting belt when weightlifting. This thickness is the most common choice.

What exactly are 10mm lifting belts?

RAD 10mm lifting belts are typically made from four layers of split leather. These Leather Belts are strong and durable, making them ideal for heavy lifting. These belts come in different types, Lever Belts, Double Prong Buckle Belts, and Quick Release Buckle Belts. They're known for their durability and are among the most long-lasting options.

What are Lever Belts?

Weight lifting Lever Belt, like the RAD one, is made of real leather and has a strong lever buckle that is very easy to use. Flip the lever to tighten or loosen the lever belt quickly. 

The lever provides a secure and consistent fit every time, so your belt stays in place during lifts. When you wear it, it gives your body great support, especially when you're lifting heavy weights. 

What are Double Prong Buckle Belts?

RAD Double Prong Buckle belts are made from high-quality leather. These lifting belts provide security and stability, ensuring the belt stays in place during your weightlifting sessions. With a 10mm thickness, these belts offer excellent support for your back and core muscles so you can lift heavy weights. 

What are Quick Release Buckle Belts?

Quick Release Buckle Belts are made of Split leather and are 10mm thick, giving your back extra support when lifting weights. The double stitching makes it even tougher.

The best part? These lifting belts have a quick-release feature, meaning you can adjust them easily during your workout. No fussing around with complicated buckles!

What exactly is a Nylon Weightlifting Belt?

A nylon weightlifting belt is your perfect partner. Made from comfortable, lightweight nylon, it wraps around your abdomen for core support. These belts use velcro Strap or a quick-locking system for easy on-and-off and perfect adjustments during high-intensity workouts.

Why Nylon?

Nylon belts are ideal for a variety of lifts because they're adaptable. Whether you're doing heavy squats or dynamic Olympic lifts, the belt helps you maintain proper form and control by providing core and back support. This can help you avoid injuries and even lift more weight!

How do quick-locking belts work?

Easy on, easy off: Forget messing with buckles! This belt has a special self-locking system for a secure, custom fit in seconds.

Strong back support: Built for serious lifters, this belt protects your lower back during heavy deadlifts, powerlifting, and weightlifting.

Comfy and tough: Made with high-quality materials, this belt is comfortable and durable to last through tough workouts.

Move freely: The ergonomic design allows for a full range of motion while supporting you.

Weight Lifting Belts FAQS

1. What are the benefits of using a weightlifting belt?

  • Increased Back Support: The belt creates intra-abdominal pressure, stabilizing your spine and reducing the risk of injury during heavy lifts.

  • Improved Core Engagement: The belt can remind you to brace your core properly, which is crucial for good lifting form.

  • Potentially More Weight: Belts help you lift heavier due to the increased support and stability.

2. When should I use a weightlifting belt?

Focus on using the belt for heavy compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. 

3. How should a weightlifting belt fit?

The belt should be snug but not too tight. It should fit around your waist, just below your ribs. You should be able to breathe comfortably when wearing it.

4. What are the different types of weightlifting belts?

  • Material: Leather (durable but stiffer) vs. Nylon (lighter and more flexible).

  • Thickness: 10mm is a common choice, offering a balance between comfort and support.

  • Closure:

    • Lever belts: Quick and easy to adjust with a lever mechanism.

    • Double prong buckle belts: Secure fit with two prongs for tightening.

    • Quick release belts: Buckle system for faster adjustments.


Customers Reviews

George Wiggins


Heavy duty and well constructed

Comes with a buckle unattached and I didn't even look for instructions seeing it is that easy to figure out. Might need to tighten my settings soon but nice, thick, heavy material and looks very good.


Jonathan Norman


Great budget belt

I have been lifting for years and have avoided using a lifting belt until recently. I had it in my head that I needed to be able to lift all-natural. After enough YouTube videos talking about the benefits if properly utilized I succumbed and went searching. I found this belt at a quarter of the price of the big names out there and have enjoyed it. It just gives you a firm hug to brace against while you try and pick up the heaviest thing you can find. The latch is very nice to release the hug, while you let the blood circulate back to your head after the said lift.




Nice belt

This was a requested gift. Was shipped quickly.  durable, great quality, and comfortable fit.