Arm blaster

Arm Blaster

The RAD Arm Blaster is a training tool designed to improve bicep and tricep workouts by isolating muscles. It helps keep your elbows in good shape and makes the Biceps and Tricep exercises more efficient.

RAD Arm Blasters: Build Bigger, Stronger Biceps and Triceps

RAD Arm Blasters are padded arm braces designed to enhance bicep and tricep workouts. Available in various colors to suit your style, these arm isolators keep your upper arms locked in during exercises like curls and extensions. This restricts swinging motions and forces your biceps and triceps to work harder, potentially leading to better muscle isolation and growth. The padding on the elbow and neck areas ensures comfort throughout your workout.

Benefits of RAD Arm Blasters

  • Improved Muscle Isolation: By restricting upper body movement, arm blasters can help you focus the workload on your biceps and triceps, leading to a more targeted workout.
  • Reduced Risk of Cheating: Restricted movement can help prevent you from swinging the weight, ensuring you're using proper form and maximizing muscle activation.
  • Increased Muscle Activation: With proper form and less cheating, arm blasters may help you engage more muscle fibers in your biceps and triceps during exercises.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The padding on RAD Arm Blasters can help prevent digging and discomfort during bicep curls and tricep extensions.

How Arm Blasters Work: Isolating Biceps and Triceps

Arm blasters are training tools to focus on the bicep and tricep muscles during exercises. They consist of a padded, curved main piece made of aluminum or metal and straps that secure it around your upper torso.

Here's how they work:

Restricted Movement:

  • By keeping upper arms strict against the torso, Arm blasters prevent turning motions that can take tension away from your biceps and triceps during curls and extensions. This sequestration can lead to a more targeted workout.

Improved Form: 

  • The limited movement also encourages proper form by preventing you from using momentum to lift the weight. This can help you avoid injury and maximize muscle activation.

What Arm Blasters Can Do For You

Arm blasters present several possible benefits for weightlifters and bodybuilders:

Increased Muscle Growth:

  • By isolating your biceps and triceps more effectively, arm blasters may help you produce more muscle development in these areas.

Improved Mind-Muscle Connection:

  • The restricted movement can force you to focus on the targeted muscles, potentially leading to a stronger mind-muscle connection during workouts.

Reduced Risk of Cheating:

  •  By preventing swinging motions, arm blasters can help ensure proper form throughout the exercise, minimizing the chance of cheating reps.

Enhanced Comfort:

  •  Many arm blasters come with padding to prevent digging into your elbows and upper body, allowing for a more comfortable workout experience.

Who Can Benefit from Arm Blasters

Arm blasters can be a helpful tool for:

Experienced Lifters:

  •  Those looking to take their bicep and tricep workouts to the next level and target these muscles for further growth.

Lifters Prone to Form Breakdown:

  • People who struggle with keeping proper form during bicep curls and tricep extensions can help from the enforced form provided by arm blasters.

Lifters Who Want More Mind-Muscle Connection:

  • Those seeking to improve focus on the targeted muscles during bicep and tricep exercises.

Arm Blaster FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Arm Blaster Fit:

Q: Is there a one-size-fits-all Arm Blaster?

  • A: Yes, Arm Blasters are adjustable with straps to fit a variety of arm sizes.

Benefits and Effectiveness:

Q: Does the Arm Blaster help build muscle mass?

  • A: It can! The Arm Blaster may help isolate your biceps and triceps, potentially leading to more targeted muscle growth.

Q: How much weight can an Arm Blaster support?

  • A: The Arm Blaster itself is strong. The weight you can curl depends on your strength.

Arm Blaster Comfort and Use:

Q: What material are the holding straps made of?

  • A: The straps are typically made of comfortable and durable nylon to hold the Arm Blaster in place.

Q: Can the Arm Blaster hurt my stomach?

  • A: If positioned correctly, the Arm Blaster shouldn't hurt your stomach.

Suitability and Safety:

Q: Can anyone use an Arm Blaster?

  • A: Most people can use an Arm Blaster. 

Versatility and Exercise Options:

Q: Is the Arm Blaster just for biceps and triceps?

  • A: Primarily, yes.

Usage Duration:

Q: How long should I use the Arm Blaster per workout?

  • A: It depends on your goals and routine. Aim for 3-4 sets of exercises with the Arm Blaster, using moderate reps and proper rest periods.

Necessity and Results:

Q: Do I need an Arm Blaster to build strong biceps and triceps?

  • A: No, you can build strong arms without one. However, it can be a helpful tool for targeted isolation and potentially more effective workouts.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

  • A: Results depend on various factors like starting fitness level, workout consistency, diet, and genetics. With dedication and proper training, you might see improvements in arm strength and definition within weeks or months.

Customers Reviews

Jordan Hier

Worth it! Leaves Your Arms Bulging! Well Built!

I was worried about this Arm Blaster because I looked at many different ones on Amazon and read their reviews. But once I received this arm blaster I had to use it to see if it really was worth all the hype. It is! After using this arm blaster for the first time and every single time after that, my arms are bulging because of the insane isolation that comes from this Arm Blaster.



Works like it's supposed to

Great product that adds an additional aspect to my arm routine. Highly recommended and already recommended to my friends

Matt Cooper



EXTREMELY STURDY!!! The product also flexes very well to provide comfort. This product allows me to curls 100 lbs.+ while maintaining form to isolate my biceps.