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RAD Ultimate

Arm Blaster Biceps & Triceps - Blue

Arm Blaster Biceps & Triceps - Blue

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Arm Blaster Biceps: Blast Your Biceps to New Heights

The RAD Arm Blaster Biceps & Triceps is the perfect way to maximize your bicep workouts. Its ergonomic design ensures correct form and posture so you can target each muscle group with precision. Plus, its adjustable straps make it suitable for every level of fitness. Get the ultimate biceps builder and see results today!

Key Features:

    • Contoured 24'' Arm Blaster for optimal form in heavy bicep curls.
    • Supports posture, and builds lean muscle.
    • Adjustable fastener, one size fits all.
    • Heavy-duty buckle for secure usage.
    • Neoprene neck pads offer comfort
    • Straps are made of Heavy Duty nylon.

Are you ready to take your biceps training to the next level? Look no further than the ultimate biceps builder: The ArmBlaster Designed to help you sculpt your biceps like never before, this innovative fitness tool is a game-changer in maximizing your gains and achieving optimal muscle isolation.

The Arm Blaster Biceps is specifically engineered to enhance your biceps workouts by providing essential support and maintaining proper form. Its design ensures that your arms are held in a fixed position throughout the exercise, preventing any unwanted swinging or cheating. This means that your biceps muscles are effectively targeted and isolated, allowing for intense Workout and greater muscle activation.


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