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RAD Sauna Suit For Men and Women Specially Designed To Enhance Your Workouts. This suit traps your body heat, making you sweat more during exercise. Our Sauna Sweat Suit helps you sweat out toxins, improve circulation, and burn more calories.

Burn Calories Faster with a Sweat-Generating Sauna Suit!

Our top-notch Sauna Suit For Men and Women is designed to crank up your workouts like never before. Imagine Shedding extra weight while you exercise, feeling your Body heat rise, and getting the most out of every rep.

That's the power of sweat! Our Sauna suits trap heat, making you sweat more during your workout. This can help you burn extra calories and feel Invigorated.

Benefits you can feel:

  • Deeper sweat: Feel the heat rise as you exercise, maximizing your calorie burn.
  • Boosted results: Get more out of every workout with this extra push.
  • Comfortable fit: Made for fitness enthusiasts, this suit moves with you, not against you. Focus on your workout, not feeling restricted by the suit.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's a sauna suit?

A sauna suit, also known as a sweat suit. This suit traps heat like a portable sauna, making you sweat more during exercise.

How does a sauna suit work?

Exercising in a sauna sweat suit can help you lose weight, Burn Calories lower your blood sugar levels, improve circulation, and increase your aerobic fitness.

What are the benefits of using a sauna suit?

Increased Calorie Burn: Our Sauna suit amps up your workouts, maximizing calorie-torching for faster results. 🔥

Detoxification: Our sauna suit triggers sweat, aiding in the body's detox process by flushing out impurities.

Improved Circulation: Increased sweat production could improve blood flow, 

Are sauna suits safe to use?

Sauna suits can be safe when used correctly it's essential to stay hydrated, take breaks when needed, and avoid prolonged use to prevent dehydration and overheating. 

Cleaning and maintenance?

Hand wash or gentle machine wash with cold water and mild detergent.

Air dry it completely. Don't use a dryer or harsh chemicals.

Let it air out between uses. Allowing the suit to air out completely between uses is a good idea. Nobody likes a smelly workout partner!

Customers Reviews




Well made.

This is great, i got mine 2XL, cause i have bought three other brands ( large size ) the last one did no hold one use. This is well made for the price i would give it 6 starts. Note i am 5’8 195 lbs.

Veronica paredes



Sweat more lose more.

I really like this suit it makes me sweat just walking for 20 minutes. Since I have no access to a dry sauna anymore this suit does the job just the same with a good work out. I can’t wait to lose weight faster sweating a lot more wearing it