About us

About Us

RAD Ultimate is an international fitness gear manufacturer and retailer dedicated to helping you go the distance. Whether you’re hitting the gym, lacing up to enter the ring, our gear helps you go the distance, perform at your peak, and never back down.

Playing on a Global Field

Established in 2014, RAD Ultimate began as a sports equipment creating products. We built our reputation for quality, performance, and outstanding design, and eventually, we realized our passion for manufacturing the world’s best sports gear would only be satisfied by catering directly to the needs of athletes and amateur fighters, enabling our customers to achieve their goals.

We began selling directly to consumers in 2014 and we’ve never looked back. Currently, we have expanded well beyond our original vision to become an international manufacturer of fitness equipment, MMA training and safety products, and performance apparel. Today, we are based in Brooklyn, New York with our manufacturing facility located in Pakistan.

In It to Win

At RAD Ultimate, we strive to be your brand of choice when it comes to training and performance gear through innovative design and performance and unique low environmental impact materials. We focus on developing new products through partnerships with industry researchers, renowned athletes, and universities. As an athlete, you never settle for second place and neither do we.

Never Back Down

Our tagline is more than mere words. We live by the belief that you should The Ultimate Strength– we never give up and we always strive to do better. Success comes through innovation and never compromising on values. 

Our Mission and Vision

At RAD Ultimate, our mission is to design, develop, and manufacture the sports equipment, training gear, and safety products you need to perform at your peak while ensuring safety at the same time.

Achieving Your Goals

Whether you’re striving for a PR in weight lifting, working to lose weight, or upping your ability to protect yourself through boxing or MMA training, RAD Ultimate is there for you. We design and manufacture our products to uncompromising standards to ensure you’re able to achieve your goals. Build your strength, increase your stamina, and be the best you can be. We’re by your side with every kick, punch, and stride.


Performance and Safety

Our dedication to innovation, the use of high-quality materials, and field testing ensure that each of our products helps you perform at your best. However, we are also dedicated to helping improve your safety. From gloves, guards, weight lifting gears our mission is to help you do what you do safely. After all, reduced risk of injury means a longer career and helps you achieve your goals and never back down from any challenge in your life.

Make a Difference

We also believe it is our mission to make a difference. Help you change your life and achieve your goals is just one aspect of that. We also believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment. We do this by focusing on developing new products using innovative, sustainable materials that reduce our environmental impact