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RAD Ultimate

RAD ArmBlaster For Triceps & Biceps - Yellow

RAD ArmBlaster For Triceps & Biceps - Yellow

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ArmBlaster: The Secret to Bigger, Stronger Triceps

The RAD ArmBlaster is designed to help you improve your triceps and biceps strength. This device increases muscle activation and promotes muscle growth, allowing you to achieve bigger, stronger arms faster. With its adjustable design and comfortable fit, the ArmBlaster triceps is the perfect tool to maximize your biceps Triceps workouts.

Key Features:

    • Contoured 24'' ArmBlaster for optimal form in heavy bicep curls.
    • It Supports posture and builds lean muscle.
    • Adjustable fastener, one size fits all.
    • Heavy-duty Buckle for secure usage.
    • Thick Neoprene neck pads offer comfort.
    • Straps are made of heavy-duty nylon.

 Unleash the Power of Triceps Transformation

Are you tired of struggling to develop strong and defined triceps? Look no further than the ArmBlaster; It's the ultimate tool to unlock the secret to more extensive, stronger triceps. This innovative device revolutionizes your triceps workouts and takes your arm training to new heights.

Black ArmBlaster Triceps

Build Bigger, Stronger Arms

Say goodbye to flabby triceps and hello to sculpted, powerful arms. The Arm Blaster is your secret weapon to build the triceps of your dreams. With consistent use, you'll notice significant increases in triceps size, strength, and definition. Get rkeady to showcase arms that command attention and leave a lasting impression.

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