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RAD Ultimate

Pink Camo Weight Lifting Lever Belt - RAD

Pink Camo Weight Lifting Lever Belt - RAD

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The Ultimate Squat Belt

Pink Camo Weight Belts from RAD Ultimate provide strength and security while training. Its patented lever system ensures a comfortable fit and ultimate stability during squats and other lifts. With 4-inch wide belt construction and extra secure cam-buckle closure, you can squat with confidence.

RAD Squat Belt Features 

  • Experience superior quality and performance with the RAD Squat belt. Meticulously crafted using premium Leather this top-of-the-line belt guarantees exceptional durability.
  • With a width of 4 inches and a thickness of 10mm, it delivers unparalleled support to your core and lowers back during heavy lifts.
  • The advanced lever closure system enables effortless adjustments, eliminating the need for time-consuming buckle hole adjustments.

Squat Belt Unmatched Support and Stability

The Ultimate Squat Belt is specifically designed to provide unmatched support and stability during your squat exercises. It wraps securely around your waist, offering a solid foundation and minimizing the risk of injury. With this belt, you can squat with confidence, knowing that your core and lower back are well-supported.

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