Rad Heavy-Duty Arm Blaster for Biceps, Body building.Gold

RAD-187- Gold
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Heavy Duty Arm Blaster Blast the biceps. A Specially designed Arm workout tool for pumping up your arms and focusing all movements in the bicep and triceps zone when lifting. Arm Blaster helps to maximize the strength-building benefits of bicep curls.

Rad Arm Blaster is a Harness with a Metal Plate. The Harness Slides Over Your Neck, Allowing You to Lock Your Arms into The Grooved Sections of Each Side of The Arm Blaster’s Metal Plate. The Purpose of The Rad Arm Blaster Is to Lock in Good Form. The Arm Blaster Keeps Your Arms in A Fixed Position, By Regularly Using an Arm Blaster for Your Bicep Workouts You’ll Get in The Habit of Keeping Your Elbows in Close to Your Sides.

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